by Nova Plus Software
Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Nec2Go ?
  Nec2Go is a general purpose Nec2 interface for both casual and experienced antenna
  modelers.  Nec2Go was written in Visual Basic and Fortran.

What makes Nec2GO different from all the other antenna analysis programs ?  
  Nec2Go interfaces with Nec2(as opposed to MiniNec) and is Fortran based. The Nec2
  code was converted to double precision(Nec-2d) and called as subroutine, not a  DOS
  In addition, Nec2Go has features not found in other products, such as, unlimited
  segments, coax/ladder line definitions, and variable sweeping. Antenna models are built
  using algebraic statements rather than a spread sheet containing 3d point data.
  Segments are automatically assigned and a simple convergence command is available.
  Sweeping of variables is a very powerful tool and allows for rapid model creation.
  In addition, context sensitive F1 Help is available for all commands.

How easy is this product to use ? Is there an extensive time period required in order to 'bond' with it ? 
  All engineering type Software requires an intial period for familiarity. However,
  Nec2Go was designed with the user in mind.  The GUI(Graphical User Interface) is
  intuitive in nature and the use of options is minimized to reduce the confusion
  factor that seems to be inherent in most software. The model definition determines the
  options that may be invoked. For example, if the model has any wire that contacts ground,
  only 'Perfect Ground' is available.  Drop down lists are almost non-existent.
  The Nec input requirements restrict how the model is defined.

The download size of 700 kB seems awfully low for such an extensive program.  Why the small size ?  
  There again we designed Nec2Go for ease of use.  By making do with WIndows API calls
  rather than Visual Basic custom controls, we are able to provide a very small
  downloadable application. The graphics required to View the antenna structure and
  rotate/zoom were all built by hand rather than with commercial graphics packages.
  That means we do not include expensive(size wize) extra code that you may not need.
  The small size of the download is a real convenience for users with modem access to the
  web.  However, Nec2Go is not a full version NEC2 application.(see below).

What kind of support can I expect in the future ?  
  We will provide free support for the life of the product.  Updates will be provided
  on the web whenever fixes are available.  You can only download the product once until a new version is available.

What other features are built into Nec2Go that provide added functionality ? 
  The following list of features are built into the base product.
  True Modeling by Equation using algebraic statements.
  Main, Edit, View, 2d-plot, and 3d-plot screens plus Tools and Help.
  Run Output, SWR, Gain and Sweep results on Main screen.
  Shift and Rotate functions applied to wire definitions.
  Automatic Segment generation (Absolute segment numbers are never used).
  Auto Segment Tapering(AST) option for fast calculations.
  Simple Convergence Test function.
  Variable definitions in Wires, Sources, Loads, and Transmission Line statements.
  Variable substitution in Sweep or View mode regenerates the model.
  Unlimited Segments, Sources, and Loads to Nec.
  User defined Coax entries uses the Transmission Line Equation(including loss factor).
  Transmission lines defined by Length, or Phase Length in degrees.
  Ground types of: Free Space, Perfect Ground, Reflection-Coefficient, Sommerfeld-Norton, and Ground Wave supported.
  Full View of model including rotating, zooming and currents on wires.
  2D Plot overlay of alternate models.
  Automatic plotting at angles of maximum gain, or manual Az/El plots.
  Auto Gain Test included in 3d View for model validation.
  Coil calculator utility converts Reactance to Inductance or Capacitance.
  Screen Print capability.
  LAPACK routines for Factor and Solves improves execution times.
  Windows compliant with no Dos executable.
  Context Sensitive Help for all screens and controls.

What do you mean that Nec2Go is not a full version NEC2 ? 
  Using an edit script file for antenna definitions prevents some NEC2 options from
  being available.  For example, surface patches would be too complicated to describe
  in an edit file. The same for Arcs, Helixes and Cylinders. (Note: The Nec2 input file in
  Tools/View Files/Nec2In can be edited and modified. This file can then be submitted
  to Nec2Go, or basic NEC2 for analysis.)  
  Please download the demo version to see if the functionality in the product meets your requirements.

  Nec2Go does not have provision for the following NEC2 Geometry/Control statements:
  GA - Wire Arc
  GF - Read Greens Function file
  GH - Helix/Spiral specification
  GR - Generate Cylinder
  GX - Reflection in coordinate planes
  SP - Surface Patch
  SM - Multiple Surface Patch
  CP - Maximum Coupling calculation
  NE/NH - Near Fields
  PQ - Print control for charge on wires
  WG - Write Greens Function

What is the difference between Nec2 and MiniNec? 
  Nec2 was originally written for mainframe computers and is about 10,000 lines of 
  Fortran code.  MiniNec is a paired down Nec2 consisting of about 1,800 lines of DOS Basic code.
  Obviously a big difference in functionality.  Some features in Nec2 not present in MiniNec are:
  Sommerfeld-Norton Ground; Transmission Lines; Auto Gain Test;  Reduced Segment Count Requirements.