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Welcome to Nec2Go Product Information

You will find that the following Nec2Go Features provide basic and enhanced processes not found in other competing Nec2 products.

The main screen: (Place your cursor over any of the areas on the main screen below for more information/features.)
This shows an example of a G5RV antenna model that was swept by frequency. Note the loss factor for the coax.

Notice that everything is point and click with practically no dropdown lists.
From left to right the command order on the top of the main screen is:

  1. Permanent directory list of active antenna files
  2. Edit brings up the antenna file definitions
  3. View allows you to view the structure
  4. Nec runs the antenna analysis through Nec2D engine
  5. Plot shows azimuth and elevation plots at maximum gain in each dimension
  6. Sweep allows sweeping on variables from the antenna definition
  7. Options allows settings for specific user requirements
  8. 3D Plot shows the current Nec2 run 3D view
  9. Tools
    • Coil Calculator
    • List Coax and ladder line types
  10. Help uses context sensitive (F1) help
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